Brooklyn Tweed Loft


Wyoming-sourced breed-specific wool
Dyed in Pennsylvania, spun in New Hampshire
Woolen-spun 2-ply | 275 yards | 50g hank

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Brooklyn Tweed Loft is a 2-ply fingering weight yarn, woolen spun from Targhee-Columbia wool. The distinctive spinning process and light twist of the two plies gives Loft a unique bounce and airiness. Ideal for lightweight garments and accessories, ethereal lace patterns, and nuanced colorwork. Like its worsted weight sibling, Shelter, Loft is fleece-dyed and blended into heathered colors.

Developed, sourced, processed, spun and dyed 100% in the USA. Learn more about Brooklyn Tweed woolen-spun yarns.

(Note: Colors that Brooklyn Tweed has retired but we still have in stock are marked – Discontinued. Get them while you can!)


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Almanac, Amaranth, Artifact, Barn Owl, Birdbook, Blanket Fort, Button Jar, Camper, caraway, Caribou, Cast Iron, Cinnabar, Embers, Faded Quilt, Fauna, Flannel, Foothills, Fossil, Hayloft, Iceberg, Long Johns, Narwhal, Nest, Newsprint, Old World, Plume, Postcard, Pumpernickel, Sap, Snowbound, Soot, Sweatshirt, Tartan, Tent, Tent – Discontinued, Truffle Hunt, Woodsmoke