Lopi Wool Blankets 2020 – Pre-order Only


Available only by pre-order!

Berroco has partnered with Ístex Lopi to bring us 27 absolutely gorgous blankets for the coming holiday season. Made from 100% Icelandic wool, these blankets are lightweight, durable, and warm. Imagine the delight of your family and friends at receiving the gift of such a beautifully crafted blanket! They will feel your hugs every time they wrap themselves in it!

Last day to order – September 16th!

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Ístex Ltd. is the main wool manufacturer in Iceland, with over a century of wool tradition behind their products. Lopi brings you wool blankets, with narrative threads that weave together a modern sensibility of style, the artistic inspiration of a dramatic landscape and the unique quality of Icelandic yarn.

Icelandic wool has been crucial to the survival of the people of Iceland providing both warmth and protection throughout centuries of harsh weather. It is also quite unique when compared to wool from other sheep breeds. The inner fibers are fine, soft and highly insulating while the outer fibers are long, glossy and water repellent. Which makes products made of Icelandic wool are extremely durable, lightweight and breathable.

Order cut-off date is September 16th.

The blankets will shipped to us and be available for pickup in October.

Don’t wait, these blankets are going to sell out fast!!!


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