Brooklyn Tweed Peerie


Utah & Nevada grown Merino wool

Spun in Springvale, Maine.

Dyed in Saco, Maine.

210 yards (192 meters) | 20.5 microns | 50 grams | fingering weight

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Brooklyn Tweed’s first worsted-spun fingering-weight yarn, Peerie is smooth, strong, and full of lively bounce. Made with USA-grown Merino wool, this yarn’s 4-ply construction lends luster and a polished hand to cables, lace motifs, stockinette and textured fabrics. With a range of jewel tones, soft pastels, and warm neutrals, Peerie’s expansive color palette makes it a perfect colorwork yarn.

Developed, sourced, processed, spun and dyed 100% in the USA. Learn more about Brooklyn Tweed worsted-spun yarns.


The merino wool we source averages 20.5 microns — within the typical finewool range, and retaining the Merino-specific quirks of supreme density, high tensile strength, high crimp, and delightful springiness. Worsted-spun for a smooth hand, Peerie hits the sweet spot of being both next-to-skin soft and durable (not prone to pilling).

(Note: All available colors are listed below. If you do not see the color you want in the drop down list, please call the store and we’ll order it for you.)

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Admiral, Aurora, Butternut, Cassis, Cobbler, Driftwood, Firebush, Fleet, Hammock, Humpback, Kettle, Klimt, Loam, Long Johns, Muslin, Nori, Norway, Rainier, Seaglass, Tincture, Treehouse, Vintner, Wreath