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Handmade Tapestry Basket

Materials: organic cotton, felted wool yarn, merino wool, cotton rope, USA grown cotton, USA spun yarn, undyed cotton rope, hand felted wool, merino wool yarn, merino cotton blend

Width: 7.75 inches

Height: 2.5 inches

This handmade, woven basket is perfect to hold any sort of odds and ends that may be looking for a cozy and colorful home. Lovingly crafted with ethically sourced wool and organic cotton yarn and undyed cotton rope, this textural and chunky basket will add a decorative touch to any table or shelf you choose!

Dimensions are approximately 7.75 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height. The chunky, yellow wool yarn was hand-felted and ethically sourced from Kathmandu. The super chunky, cloud-like yarn is a blend of ethically sourced merino wool and organic cotton from the Texan highlands and is spun at a women-run mill in California’s bay area. This yarn is in pastel hues of blush, toasted coconut, and chamomile. The fluffy, cream colored, chunky yarn is cotton and merino wool sourced and spun at a mill in North Carolina. The underlying cotton string is an undyed, natural cream color.