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May 18th Seaming Sweaters


Class Name: Seaming Sweaters

Class Date: Saturday May 18th

Class Hours: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Instructor: Terry King

Class Cost: $35.00

Skill Level: All levels

Class Description: Learn how to seam your sweater. There are four basic seam techniques using in most sweaters to join the sleeves, sides, and setting in the sleeves. You will learn the techniques needed for your particular garment.

Material Needed:

  • 4 swatches for practicing See Homework below for details
  • Contrasting color yarn in the same or slightly lighter weight as your swatches
  • Handi-tool or crochet hook in size G or H
  • Tapestry or Darning needle
  • Optional: A project that needs to be seamed.

Pattern: none

Skills you should have: Beginning level through purl stitch

Skills you will learn: Mattress stitch, horizontal to vertical seaming, horizontal to horizontal seaming, and if your garment needs it, how to seam on a slant.


  • Knit four swatches and bind them off:
    • Use smooth, plied, worsted weight yarn in a solid, light color. All swatches should be the same size and approx 30 to 40 stitches wide and 4” high.
    • Swatches #1 & 2 work in stockinette stitch (knit on right side, purl on wrong side), Do not use any edging stitches.
    • Swatches #3 & 4 work in garter stitches (knit on both sides)


Event Details

Event Details

Date: May 18, 2019

Start time: 10:00 a.m.

End time: 12:00 p.m.

Venue: Yarn Refuge

Directions: 3368 Lakeside Ct. Reno, NV 89436 Next to Swill Coffee & Wine