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New date for the 3rd annual Sierra Nevada Yarn Crawl October 14th - 17th 2021!


Visit the Sierra Nevada Yarn Crawl website for more details and to get your SNYC Passport as soon as it is available!

Sierra Nevada Yarn Crawl Shopping

Yarn Refuge SNYC Events In October

Trunk Shows

Sinfully Soft Angora Yarn

Kristen in Stitches
(Kristen is a local designer and dyer)

Black Rock Mountain Alpacas and Fiber Mill
(Our local fiber processing mill!)

Lani's Lana Fine Rambouillet Wool and Fiber
(A local fiber producer from Surprise Valley, CA)

Lamb and Leather
(Local artist Diane will feature her handmade rope baskets with knitting motifs)

The Sierra Nevada Yarn Crawl's first annual MAL runs from June 15th until September 15th.
For details and links to the patterns visit Sierra Nevada Yarn Crawl MAL 2021

SNYC Pre-crawl MAL

Let's see those Emerald Bay and Meandering Mountain Shawls this weekend!

The weather is perfect for wearing them!

We hope you had fun with the Make-A-Long!